Training Packages

Personal 1 on 1

Our certified personal trainers are here to help you conquer the challenges which can get in the way of becoming your strongest self. Through our one-on-one training sessions you will receive the fitness and nutritional coaching as well as the motivation to succeed on your path. No matter what you are training for, one-on-one training will improve your results!

Small group training

Small group training is a fun, interactive way to stay on track to achieving your goals. Here you get both the benefit of coaching from a certified trainer, and thriving from the energy in a group environment. In addition, group training offers a unique alternative for people who don’t need the 100% specialized attention from a trainer, but can still benefit from the motivation and feedback. If you feel a group setting works for you, then give it a try!


An essential part of keeping a fit body is cardio. Too often, cardio is seen as merely a method to burn fat, when in reality cardio is also essential for circulation, and a healthy heart. Remember that your heart is a muscle; therefore working it makes it stronger. Whether you are training for a marathon, are a cyclist, or just love running, our extensive cardio program will ensure your body can meet the demands of your goals.

Abs Burner

Our Abs Burner program features the most effective workouts to get thosesix-pack abs. Using a combination of specialized nutrition with cardio exercises and core workouts, this program will have you on your way to ripped abs in no time.

Body burner

A program geared for all-around body fitness thatfeatures a full-body workout. With this program, you will burn fat, and get the toned body you’ve been looking for. Every session, we will engage in a routine which targets all major muscle groups using a fast and effective workout strategy coupled with specialized nutritional advice. You do not want to pass up this opportunity!